About the Erotic Blueprints™

  • Are you feeling like you’re missing out sexually?

  • Are you starving for the “right” kind of touch?

  • Are you generally satisfied with your relationship, but you know there’s more you want to explore together?

  • Are you incredibly adventurous and looking for a guide to the world of erotic discover?

Welcome to the Erotic Blueprints™! The Blueprints™ are like the Five Love Languages, but for your sexuality. Your Blueprint Type gives you a whole world of touch, sensation, response, and vocabulary for the way you uniquely respond to the world.

It’s incredibly helpful to learn your own road map and that of your partner. In intimate partnership, we tend to offer what we ourselves long to receive. That’s super hot when it’s a perfect match, but generally, we’re attracted to what is different and exciting in another. What I find with my clients is that in relationship, if we keep missing each other and not getting or receiving what we most crave, then both partners begin to feel erotically starved and resentful or shut down. Over time, this can lead to fears of losing your partner or being stuck forever in a sexless relationship.

Learning your own Blueprint helps you understand your own turn on, what you need and when, what skills you can learn to enhance erotic pleasure, and how to freely, joyfully name and ask for what you need. Understanding your partner’s Blueprint helps you honor them as they are, and find playful, safe ways to explore so you can consistently please and fully connect with them. In my workshops and private coaching programs, we take a deep dive into your unique Blueprint™ landscape and expand your access to pleasure, your sexual mastery, and your ability to connect deeply and authentically with those you love.

The Erotic Blueprints™ are a rich, unique way of understanding your own eroticism and that of others, but they go far beyond sexual pleasure. How we are as sexual beings aligns with how we are in the world. Truly understanding the Blueprints™ helps you navigate all the relationships in your life: work, family, friendship, and community.