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Aural S•x: Use Your Words! Fun, Flirty Dirty Talk for the Chronically Tongue-Tied

•  Do you LOVE the idea of turning on your partner with just a word... but you get tongue-tied?

•  Have you always dreamed of hearing just the right phrase whispered or growled into your ear?

• Is it hard for you to ask for what you want? 
  Want to know how to turn that shyness that into mind-melting turn-on for you AND your partner?

•  Does your partner beg for dirty talk... but you just can't find the right words?

This workshop is for YOU!

We'll look what makes for really fun, crazy hot dirty talk, share tips & tricks, and play the Aural S*x Game to find out which words and phrases work best for you! 

Also for you if you LOVE dirty talk, you know you're pretty good at it, and you want to uplevel your skills to Dirty Talk Jedi Master (or Mistress!).