The Five Erotic Blueprint™ Types

There’s so much more to the Erotic Blueprints™ than we can cover here, but here’s a basic overview of the five Blueprint Types.

Once you know your type (and you may have more than one at play), then the challenge is to learn how to apply this in your love life! That’s where coaching and mentorship come in: to help you navigate learning the Blueprints in your body, how to play with them with your partners, and how to turn your new skills and practices into smokin’ hot sexy times and authentic intimate connection. But, here’s a tease (because we know you love that):


  • Turn-ons: Space. Longing. Presence. Eye-gazing. Light or hovering touch. They feel more with less touch, more space. Sacred sexuality: Tantra, Kundalini, Yoga, Meditation.

  • Superpowers: Orgasms without touch. Altered states. Intuition. Deep connection and intimacy.

  • Shadow: Sense of superiority: I am more spiritual than others; other Blueprints are crude, less than. Can easily shut down if they feel you are not fully present. Can become overwhelmed with too much touch or stimulation.


  • Turn-ons: Pleasure in all of the senses – music, beautiful surroundings, luxury, textures, essential oils, water, delicious food, flowers, dancing, romance, massage, lingering contouring touch.

  • Superpowers: Full-body orgasms. Orgasms from gorgeous food, a beautiful sunset, an exquisite symphony.

  • Shadow: Need to fully relax into their bodies before they can feel pleasure or have sex. Can get stuck in their heads, especially if there is anything “wrong” in the environment (too hot, too cold, sock on the floor, music too loud, etc.). Can also get stuck in their head with worries: I'm taking too long, are they even enjoying this? Am I fat? etc.


  • Turn-ons: Naked bodies, penetration, porn, genitals, certainty of orgasm, frequency of sex.

  • Superpowers: Super fun and easy to please! Usually orgasm easily, generally very little shame – sex is fun, everyone should have it all the time!

  • Shadow: Can have a narrow definition of sex (i.e. only intercourse and penetration “count” – anything else isn’t really sex). Can be impatient or resistant to learning or doing anything outside of that narrow definition – why waste time dancing or eye gazing when we could be having sex right now? Can get goal-oriented, focus exclusively on orgasm, and miss the “journey” of erotic connection.


  • Turn-ons: naughtiness, taboo, the forbidden, playfulness, exploring!

  • Superpowers: Very creative. Endless ways to play! Can experience tremendous healing and transformation through positive Kinky experiences and Kinky community.

  • Shadow: Deep, deep shame. May not be able to acknowledge or communicate their desires, even to themselves. May be closeted or hiding and afraid to share their Kinky wishes with their partner.


  • Turn-ons: Variety, adventure, all of the other Blueprints! Lots of sensation at once, or shifting among the different Blueprints. Discovery. Novelty. Excitement. More.

  • Superpowers: The Stradivarius of the Blueprints. Erotically sophisticated. Can experience pleasure and orgasm in many different ways. Can please partners of any Blueprint, because they know and feel them all.

  • Shadow: Feeling like they are too much, too complicated, too changeable. They often shapeshift into their partner’s Blueprint to please them, and may feel starved because they never ask for what they want. Sometimes their complexity and changing needs can be confusing to them and to their partners.