What clients say

What my clients say about me

“We’ve been married ten years and were afraid we might break up. You’ve contributed so much to our happiness! We’re having more sex now than we’ve had in years, and we’re so much more playful and relaxed!
- L & M, Denmark

“This stuff stirred up so much in my life. You talked me off the ledge. I was starving before I found you. Now, I felt seen, heard, and accepted. I’m happier than ever before. You held me with grace and love.” - CB, Canada

“Layers and layers of release and acceptance. And then more layers. It was okay to bring all my grief, all my loss, anything and everything. For the first time in a very long time, I’m alive! And FULL of joy. I feel well and whole. Thank you!” - AL, Costa Rica

“This work is amazing! It is a privilege to work with Anne. I’m bursting with gratitude and happiness.”
- D.H., Oregon

“The bodywork intensive we did with Anne was life-changing. I used to keep the lights off and didn’t want my husband to look at my body during sex. I thought my scar tissue meant I was permanently deformed. We did some of everything: mirror work, movement, intentional touch, internal mapping, scar tissue remediation, working with the Erotic Blueprints™ - and now I LOVE my body! I’m so much more relaxed during sex, I ask for what I want, and I love having the lights on! My husband noticed a huge increase in my access to pleasure right away, and says he is the happy recipient. It’s been like a rocket, and it just keeps going up. We are forever grateful for what this work with Anne has created in our lives. We just got engaged, and we’re looking forward to a GREAT relationship filled with amazing sex!”
- P & C, Florida

“Ever since we started coaching with Anne, there have been so many firsts! We are discovering stuff we never knew was there. The hugest win for us, is that we started with a big issue and a lot of confusion and fear. That would’ve been a pretty huge thing in our relationship, for us to have navigated that on our own. Being able to work with you, so that we could work through that with support, was so important! Now, we’re at a really happy in our lives! Having discovered all this stuff after 20 years is pretty darn amazing.”
- K & C, Canada

“Before I began working with Anne More, I often felt 'less-than' and insecure. She helped me to tap deep into my masculine energy, and everything has changed. I can't even describe what it's like to be with my lovers now: the way things have deepened exponentially, and the ways in which they are surrendering to me. My insecurity has vanished. The simple but profound exercises Anne gave me are still creating changes months after we completed our programmed work. I am happier than I have ever been. Whatever your true nature, I believe Anne can help you uncover and claim it fully in your life. Would you want anything less?”

- D.M., Texas