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About Anne More


Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Anne More. I lead workshops, classes, and retreats focused on mindfulness in our sexuality: body awareness, energy work, intimate anatomy, the Erotic Blueprints™, Conscious Kink, Opening to Pleasure, Naughty Bits Massage, and Orgasmic Yoga.

In my coaching and private bodywork sessions, I work with people like you. People who, like you, ROCK your life and value relationships, but who sometimes struggle with intimacy and loving connection.

You’ve got it going on, but when it comes to sex, sometimes you feel blocked, numb, confused, or disconnected from your body or your partner. You long to be seen and loved for all of who you are.

The time is now. You are ready to unleash your erotic potential and craft an extraordinary life erotically, spiritually, and in relationship with others and the world. I’m here to help you make that quantum shift into freedom, power, and full creative expression.

It’s time to:

• learn how to ask for and get just what you want
in sex and relationships.

• build confidence and connection

• play and feel joy again!

• master the art of pleasing any partner (and yourself!)

•  create safe spaces to share all your wants, needs, and desires.

•  release emotional blocks and unprocessed trauma.

• whole body integration, radiant health, presence, and pleasure. 

Anne More offers Bodywork and Advanced Coaching in the Erotic Blueprints™, Conscious Kink, and Intentional Relationships. All sessions are customized to what your body and spirit need in the moment for deepest healing and to achieve your highest goals. In touch sessions, she combines exquisite bodywork with compassionate education in body mapping, whole body integration, intimate anatomy, and scar tissue remediation. In-person sessions follow strict professional protocol to ensure the safest possible container for this sacred and profound work.

Anne is a deeply intuitive Certified Somatic Sexuality Educator and Sexological Bodyworker with over 25 years experience in mindfulness, intentional touch, and conscious movement. She is trauma-informed, bi-, poly, and LGBTQIA+ inclusive. She is a Reiki Master and a featured presenter for Jaiya Ma, world-renowned sexologist and creator of the Erotic Blueprints™, and for Pamela Madsen, founder of Back to the Body Sensual Retreats For Women.

She worked directly with Betty Martin, creator of the Wheel of Consent, and with Joseph Kramer, PhD, world’s foremost teacher of erotic bodywork and founder of Body Electric and the field of Somatic Sexuality Education. She supports her Intentional Love clients in exploring alternative relationship models. Her Conscious Kink work brings mindfulness, play, and healing into D/S and power exchange, Japanese rope bondage and other kinky play.

She believes the human body is magic and miraculous, and that every one of us have just the kind of touch and love we want in our lives, with the people who light up our hearts.